Tuesday, March 24, 2009

थे ग्रेट एक्सपेरिमेंट

In this economic whatever it is finding a job is hard, but getting a job that you don’t have a passion for is awful. So I have decided instead of joining the herd and going along to get along I am going to rebel and do what I want. I am not buying into “this is not the time to live your dream in an economy like this, just be happy with whatever job will have you”. %&*# that.

When interviewing for jobs that I am overqualified and under impressed with the interviewers ask over and over again, “what do you want to do”, as if the answer is be some cog in the broken wheel that they are passing off as a company. Why not answer truthfully and my answer is “well if the economy was better I would start a catering company”, and then put my smile sarcastically and say “but I would really rather work in this office” and then I think and waste my life and dreams on your hopeless mess. Where is my courage??? Have I ever possessed it? What can I do to create it?

Live your dream, well that creates a bigger question what in the %&*# is my dream? I dream about being in a wheelchair sliding down a hill backwards, but that is a nightmare really, and then there are other dreams more appropriate for a different kind of website, No, but really what is my dream when am I happiest in life? When I can give a cooking lesson to somebody that feels overwhelmed and helpless in the kitchen or coming up with a menu that will WOW for a party is when I am filled with life and excitement. Restaurant??? TOO RISKY (in this economy, OK I am buying into it a little; Obama was just on the news). Catering company there is some possibility, but (the economy again). Then there is TV we all watch it and since (OMG, people are cooking at home again because of the economy), so many men and women are becoming the chef at home. I think it is time to start a webcast for all of the homes for all of the friends (the ones I have and the ones I want) to teach cooking to. OK so I don’t have the looks of Giada Delaurentis (boobs maybe), but at least I am not Rachel Ray.

Now comes to the begging part, at least I don’t have to face you and grovel. OK anybody out there that has a camera that I can use for my great experiment (for use, not for keeps), AND people that want to let me use there kitchen you get to eat the food for the use, OH YEAH AND camera skills anybody that has the ability to hold the camera steady (not that kind of camera man NO TRIPODS of ANY KIND). So, I guess I am asking for investors the only difference is that there will be no money exchanged EVER, but food we can do. So I guess this will be Misti on the road hopefully cooking in a new guest kitchen as often as I can. MAYBE just MAYBE this experiment will be fruitful, but if not it will be fun, and those of you that I cannot teach (because you don’t live in paradise) can learn to cook like you do. And there could be bonus scenes with my fiancé (no you sicko) we like to cook together and things get heated, but I have never attacked him on film so this should be exciting.

Oh and by the way it was just my birthday, so if that garners some sympathy and pity I will take it as long as you are willing to help me.